Two Clackamas County positions will be up for grabs this November

Two Clackamas County Board of Commissioners races are headed for a runoff in the November election while two other county races were wrapped up in the May 21 primary.

Challenger Craig Roberts held a considerable advantage over Chair Tootie Smith in the race for Position 1 but has not accumulated enough votes to meet the 50% threshold that would automatically make him the winner. Roberts had garnered 48.82% of the vote as of Wednesday, May 29 while Smith had 40.26%. At that time, 35.66% of registered voters had been counted. Therefore, the two will face off in a runoff election in November.

Smith sent a message to her Facebook followers earlier this week.

“I am sending you my most sincere gratitude and thanks to the voters for supporting me during the primary election. I will see you in November on the ballot for round two where accomplishments, positive ideas and hope for the future will continue to uplift Clackamas County and its people,” she wrote. “We have had incredible success in the past 3 ½ years, let’s keep it up. Thanks again for your support, we could not have done it without you.”

Roberts said he was humbled by the support after seeing the initial results on election night.

Meanwhile, incumbent Mark Shull and Lake Oswego resident Melissa Fireside are also headed for a runoff. The latest results show Shull had 37.23% and Fireside had 36.13%.

Shull criticized his opponents in a Facebook post for raising money for their campaign while he spent his own money for the race.

“Many of the corrupt donations accepted by candidates are from the very entities that those candidates, if elected, will be voting on regarding contracts and union negotiation. That is clearly corruption,” he said.

Later, he wrote: “I would like to thank everyone who posted one of my campaign signs, distributed campaign flyers, and called and encouraged family and friends to vote for Mark Shull. Your efforts and time are appreciated by me very much. “I am confident that success will come in November….with your help.”

Fireside had received donations from organizations like Oregon AFSCME Council 75 (which represents public employees), Oregon Trail Democrats, the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors PAC and the Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37 Political Fund (which represents workers).

“I am very proud of the fact that county employees chose to endorse me and trust me to carry their values forward on the county commission,” Fireside said. “I’m looking forward to entering the general election and earning the support of voters and making sure everyone is represented and has an equal opportunity to achieve prosperity in our county.”

Regarding races that were already locked up, Clackamas County residents reelected Lake Oswego resident Martha Schrader, who received 58% of the vote according to the latest count, for Position 3. Amy Nichols came in second with 23% while Dana Hindman-Allen had 19%.

In the race for Clackamas County sheriff, incumbent Angela Brandenberg was reelected and garnered 53% while her opponent Lynn Schoenfeld had 36%.


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