Spending Spotlight Launches to Shine a Light on Corporate Political Spending Against LGBTQ+ Equality and Empower Consumers to Vote with Their Wallets

SEATTLE, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Spending Spotlight today announces the launch of its website dedicated to values-based consumer spending. The site is a service that makes it easier for consumers to take small, individual actions that in isolation may not seem like much, but that together add up to the unified power needed to create change.

“2023 was a distressing year in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, with a record number of discriminatory bills introduced across the country,” remarks John Mullin, CEO of Spending Spotlight. “Consumers frustrated by the lack of progress on issues they care about and looking for ways to take action may not realize their own spending could be working against their values or intentions. By highlighting the companies and brands funding anti-LGBTQ+ politicians, we empower consumers to make informed choices with their dollars and, together, drive meaningful change.”

Spending Spotlight seeks to aggregate the spending power of people who are alarmed by these efforts to restrict or roll back LGBTQ+ rights by offering a concrete set of simple steps to make a difference. From the Spending Spotlight website, consumers can easily Switch products, Send a Message to corporations, Share with Friends on social media, Sign Up for alerts and Support the cause by donating directly to the company to fund future research. 

Says Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO of GLAAD (she/her), “The LGBTQ community and our allies are a critical and growing consumer base: more than 20% of Gen Z are LGBTQ, and a 96% supermajority of non-LGBTQ Americans support LGBTQ equality. Spending Spotlight will empower our community and allies to get educated about corporations’ actions and vote for equality with their dollars.”

About Spending Spotlight:

Spending Spotlight is a 501(c)(3) company designed to empower consumers to align their spending with their values on key political and social issues. We do this by identifying the legislators and politicians working against these issues, the corporations funding their efforts, and by highlighting alternatives to make a switch in spending easy for consumers. To learn more, visit us online at spendingspotlight.org and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and X.

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