Renaissance Faire: Themes, changes and something new coming

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Once again, the earliest days of summer will be filled with laughter, music, and the sound of blades clashing and flagons lifted as the Oregon Renaissance Faire returns for three consecutive weekends of revelry.

The 2024 edition of the faire will run Saturdays and Sundays, June 1-2, 8-9, and 15-16 at the Clackamas County Event Center fairgrounds.

Tickets will go on sale for this year’s event soon, and while much of the Renaissance Faire will remain the same, there are some changes. The most notable is that there will be a Friday concert and a Saturday after-party that will add plenty of fun to the festivities.

According to Shana Casey, marketing director for the event, the music used to be a part of the Saturday after-parties. This year, Oregon Renaissance Faire will hold a separate concert on Friday night, then a revamped and multifaceted after-party on Saturdays during the faire.

“We are going to try the concert on Friday night and see if people like it,” Casey said. “It’s what we’ve done in Washington (Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire), so we thought we’d try it here. On Saturday at the party, people will be able to mingle with the cast and crew, there will be a dance floor and a lot of other things going on. It will be a themed party that will match the themes of the faire. We’ll have a costume contest and a bunch of fun stuff.”

The Faire have also released its themes for the three weekends, allowing folks to plan and prepare if they want to cosplay with a specific theme in mind.

Tickets for the after party, concert and Renaissance Faire will be sold separately when the tickets are available at

Celtic music on tap

Organizers of the Oregon Renaissance Faire have been talking about another event, a Celtic music festival event, since 2019.

And while those plans were scuttled by the pandemic, the vision for that type of event never wavered. Well, that faith will be rewarded in early fall with the inaugural Oregon Celtic Festival at the fairgrounds in Canby.

“We’ve been planning this since 2019, so we are really excited to finally put this on,” said Casey.

The three-day event will be Sept. 13-15 and feature some of the finest Celtic bands in the region. Additionally, Casey said they’ve been working with the Oregon Chapter of the Scottish Highland Games to bring that type of fun to the event.

In short, it’s going to be three days filled with music, dancing, food, whiskey tasting and more.

“We’ll have a few vendors on site, but it’s really going to be about the music and atmosphere,” Casey said.

More information and ticket sales will be at

Renaissance Faire Themes

The Oregon Renaissance Faire recently announced its themes for the three weekends in June. Here’s a look at what the weekends will be like and the vibe they will be looking to create.

Week 1 – Highland Fling

Hark! Gather ’round for the grand “Highland Fling,” marking the auspicious commencement of the Oregon Renaissance Faire’s festivities. Don thy finest kilts, skirts, and tartans, and join us in a jubilant ode to the noble Celtic heritage and the valor of the Scots.

Week 2 – Enchanted Kingdoms of Legend & Lore

In days of yore, a wise and beautiful Queen ruled our lands, her heart enchanted by the fairytales and lore of old. Inspired, she beckons forth a weekend where the very air shimmers with magic, and the veil betwixt our world and the realm of myths grows thin.

This is the time when the mundane and the miraculous converge. Creatures of legend roam our streets: Faeries with gossamer wings, wise wizards, elusive elves, mighty dragons, and curious goblins.

Week 3 – Raiders of the Realm, A Weekend of Warriors

Sound the horns and raise the banners. The Vale of Dunrose is abuzz with anticipation for the season’s grand finale; “Raiders of the Realm: A Weekend of Warriors”. This spirited weekend is a tribute to the bold and the brave, from the high seas to the rugged Northlands.

Pirates, privateers, and swashbucklers will embark upon Dunrose, initiating a lively invasion filled with merriment and adventure. The air will resound with the melodies of sea shanties, the ring of swordplay, and the laughter of those embracing the pirate life. Dress in your most daring pirate attire and partake in a jubilee of feasting, jesting, and nautical revelry – but the adventure does not stop with the sea raiders!


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