Readers Respond on preferred political news sources

In an unofficial survey, Your Oregon News asked readers where they get their political news in this election year.

Nearly 42% of readers responded that they get their political news from online digital news sources, while 22% consume broadcast TV news, and 16% use radio and podcasts.

These readers reported that 50% of them are consuming global political news, with 30% consuming national news, 11% statewide, and 8% preferring local political news.

Many readers said that they are looking at multiple sources in order to get more well-rounded, balanced and varied information. Some said they like easy access and sharing of digital news and newsletters, and some said they like to multitask while listening to broadcast or podcasts.

Here’s what Your Oregon News readers are looking for when they choose sources for consuming political news:

Reader: “You need multiple sources in order to stay informed. TV is inefficient and often dumbed down.”

Reader: “A combination of different news sources shows different perspectives. Local is very important. I try to steer clear of biased left and right news sources. A global source, such as The Economist, gives a different perspective of US news as well as European and global.”

Reader: “Google news provides a wide spread of news sources both left and right, so it’s possible to get a balanced view of what’s going on. It does not filter or take a stance, but reports all of what people are reading from everywhere. Watching only one news source is dangerous.”

Reader: “I want more than one opinion on the news to counter bias from all sides.”

Reader: “I want diverse sources and multiple sources. Mainstream media has much to offer but is influenced by money. Independents are not as closely vetted. It is useful to have news from outside the US to provide a different point of view.”

Reader: “More focused on facts and not opinions about the facts. I can think for myself on how to interpret facts.”

Reader: “I like listening to podcasts so I can multitask.”

Reader: “I tend to watch limited mainstream news to hear what is being said by the networks and watch alternative sources for honest in-depth coverage and political analysis.”

Reader: “I like OPB on YouTube. My local paper is the Newberg Graphic. I like the Fox local station (the only one I get over the air).”

Reader: “I can follow headlines as they develop over time. I am able to feel like I’m getting less corporate dollar biase in my news due to the independent nature of the YouTube political commentators. They seem to go out of their way to explain their biases if they have them, and many of my favorite YouTubers will ride the Democrats just as hard as they do Republicans if there is anything unseemly.”

Reader: “As an online subscriber, I get email notifications of breaking news and I prefer online because I can quickly email or text a link to a story to someone.”

Reader: “I like a variety of sources to confirm the validity of what I’m reading and hearing.”

Reader: “A broad range of sources is necessary to have a full and honest picture of real news.”

Reader: “I subscribe to papers, but always subscribe to local news papers.”

Reader: “I prefer to stay in touch with state and global news media, so I keep it with me wherever I go via social media accounts for news sources and public radio. If a topic interests me or strikes me as important, I’ll go and delve deeper into an article on a news site. I read the print newspaper for a lot of my local news, but I also get that from social media too.”

Reader: “I am low income, so I use free or combo sources to save money.”

Reader: “I get more information in longer print stories than listening or watching a news stories.”

Reader: “I like to listen to the radio, read some print in newspapers and magazines, just no TV.”

Reader: “I prefer non-print sources because I have a vision impairment making magazines and newspapers difficult to read.”

Reader: “Audio availability, ease of access (phone), podcast discussions.”

Reader: “None of them are very complete. Put all together and I still have to sort out the bias myself.”

Reader: “Well researched and well written, US News & World Report, but obviously lacking in local news, which I get from OPB.”

Reader: “They’re all easy to access, and together they provide a good report on what’s going on.”


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