Readers Respond: Here’s how Oregonians feel about the economy today

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Your Oregon News asked readers to weigh in on how they feel about the economic conditions throughout the state, in an election year.

In an unofficial survey, nearly 50% of readers rated Oregon’s economic conditions today as poor. About 21% rated it fair, while 19% rated it good. Only 9% said it was excellent.

Right now, most reader respondents—about 61%—feel the economic conditions in Oregon are getting worse. About 24% said it is getting better, while 14% said it’s staying the same.

While some readers said good jobs are available and Oregon still has lots of high-quality apparel and tech companies, many readers referenced the cost of groceries and other goods has inflated too quickly to keep up with.

Employment and housing were mentioned often as cost-of-living checks, as well as medicine and education. Some reader said they still struggle even working multiple jobs.

About 43% of respondents said they are employed full-time, while 41% said they are retired. About 10% are employed part-time. A little over 2% of readers said they are not employed, but looking for work; while 1% said they are not employed and not looking.

Here is what Your Oregon News readers have to say about their feelings on Oregon’s economy today.

Reader: “Groceries are about 25% higher today than last year. Everything is up. Living in a fixed income is hard especially when the taxes continue to hit hard. Oregon continues to tax retirement. It’s not getting better.”

Reader: “Companies are leaving Oregon. Small businesses are unable to sustain with mandatory paid leave acts, and high pay rates.”

Reader: “Cost of living remains high, but employment is good.”

Reader: “Prices are skyrocketing and paychecks are not going up. Services are getting cut, like roads, police, prisons, etc.”

Reader: “Prices across the board are rising and incomes are stagnant or falling. High-paying STEM jobs are fleeing the state. Crime is up and many cities, especially Portland downtown are filled with filth and violence.”

Reader: “The worst of inflation is behind us—a massive Oregon State tax kicker refunds will provide a jump-start to consumer spending soon.”

Reader: “High prices which will lead to more small businesses and restaurants closing, too many commercial buildings are being lost to the banks, home foreclosures are next and the idiots want to put tolls on the major freeways around Portland, which will drive prices even higher.”

Reader: “Prices are going up but business’s can’t afford a higher wages for employees.”

Reader: “Inflation is too high. Housing is too high. Insurance is too high.”

Reader: “Businesses are hiring and building is happening. Infrastructure projects all over the state. People are traveling. The shopping malls are crowded.”

Reader: “A person can’t afford to live and eat in Oregon.”

Reader: “I am working one full-time job and two part-time jobs and barely supporting a family with house payments, school debt, taxes, and inflation.”

Reader: “Utilities keep going up. The cost of groceries is ridiculous as well as gas prices. The cost of rent/mortgages are rising. The roads are not getting repaired. The only concern the government has is about the homeless population.”

Reader: “Everything is too expensive: buying a house, renting, gas, food, power bills and heating bills, we’re over-taxed.”

Reader: “Too many people are struggling to make it. Housing costs are too high.”

Reader: “Because the property tax system is broken, schools are underfunded, government is underfunded, and our cities are going broke.”

Reader: “Everything is more expensive with the strain on services for the crime, vandalism and clean up—those costs are being passed onto us. I have watched for more requests for food, extra help and more jobs on our local social media pages. We are breaking.”

Reader: “Cost of living is sky high, taxes are high, companies are laying off, the housing market is frozen and wages cannot keep up.”

Reader: “Things seem to be stagnant.”

Reader: “After Covid and the ensuing rise in inflation things have settled. The job market looks good and housing is becoming more balanced market.”

Reader: “Inflation along with lack of employment compensation to offset the effects of high prices for basic needs is creating hardships for low and middle class folks.”

Reader: “Unemployment is low, many employers are hiring, several unions negotiated pay raises for their employees, lots of spending during the holidays and people are traveling.”

Reader: “Rent and housing too high. A loaf of bread and a can of beans cost $8.50. 4 years ago $2.00 for the same.”

Reader: “I’m doing well financially and everyone I know is also doing well. All the businesses I visit are busy.”

Reader: “More and more people—even working full time, even working more than one job—can’t afford a place to live as well as groceries, medical care, transportation, etc.”

Reader: “Everyone, everywhere has taken a hit over the past several years. As a whole, I think the state is rebounding incredibly well financially.”

Reader: “Things haven’t changed for me because I have a stable job and own my home. Things have gotten really expensive though, I can afford it but many people are struggling right now.”

Reader: “The jobs are there if one wants to work. I feel things could be better if we add a sales tax to take the tax burden off property owners and remove the income tax (like in Washington). I would like to see more affordable housing and not more of the mc mansions that have been built in the last 5+ years. More duplexes and townhouses.”

Reader: “I’m personally doing alright, and inflation is trending down, so things are probably alright. However, I do feel like there is perpetually a lot of uncertainty about the future state of the economy which makes it hard to feel too optimistic.”


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