Readers Respond: Banning TikTok is ‘censorship,’ but could support mental health, privacy

Your Oregon News asked readers where they stand on the possible ban on TikTok in the U.S.

This comes after TikTok came on step closer to being banned in early March.

Our readers said 76% of them don’t use TikTok at all; 16% use it socially; 13% use it for entertainment; and 7% use it for politics. About 3% of readers said they use the social media app for promotional and small business purposes.

About 66% of readers said they are in favor of banning TikTok. About 25% are against the ban, and 10% reported they are undecided.

About 71% of respondents said the ban would not affect their household at all. About 20% said it would affect their personal time, and 2% said it would affect their household income. About 9% said they did not know.

Our readers said banning TikTok would help with depression and mental health, including for their children.

Here’s what our readers are saying about the possible TikTok ban:

Reader: “It’s not a ban, it’s a forced sale from ByteDance to an American company in the next six months.”

Reader: “In principle, yes. But I’m not sure the law is written correctly.”

Reader: “My family member has channel devoted to important issues around food and art, and makes a small but important income.”

Reader: “I don’t like any application that collects information for a foreign government. This is independent of what foreign government we are talking about. If it becomes American based, then, I am better with it and we can work on the details at home.”

Reader: “It could possibly affect access to my personal information.”

Reader: “A good friend of mine uses TikTok to go live. I’ve gotten to know so many new people through those TikTok livestreams and it would be pretty devastating to see it go.”

Reader: “It’s obvious that TikTok breeds pranks, crime and chaos. Let’s learn to live without it.”

Reader: “TikTok has become a main way for current events and news to be disseminated. I find it sad that I get more relevant news from TikTok then any other agency.”

Reader: “It is government censorship. If government is concerned about China, protect the border, immediately eliminate spy balloons flying over the country, quit exporting all our manufacturing and pharmaceutical production to China, don’t single out one social media company only to ban. Let people decide what they want to see and hear. Additionally it will arbitrarily destroy many American livelihoods.”

Reader: “This is censorship. The China excuse is bullshit. The government can’t handle the fact that young people get their news from TikTok instead of cable news crap.”

Reader: “I am a sole proprietor and TikTok is by far the best way to reach the younger half of consumers.”

Reader: “Some people give away too much information online and TikTok seems the best at baiting users to continue to feed in always more.

Reader: “There’s a data security issue.”

Reader: “I do not trust China and I do not trust social media.”

Reader: “I teach high school students and I see that TikTok has increased their cell phone addiction.”

Reader: “I don’t think the US should allow social media platforms and subsidiaries owned by foreign companies or majority shareholder foreign investors. This doesn’t mean TikTok or a version of it will not be in existence in the US. Something will replace it that is similar enough.”

Reader: “We don’t use TikTok.”

Reader: “My family doesn’t use Tic Tok because of all the talk about the Chinese Communist getting info on users.”

Reader: “It is not the role of government to regulate free speech.”

Reader: “I am in favor of the sale to an American entity. If there is no sale in the next six months, then I am in favor of shutting it down. It’s not political, it’s national security.”

Reader: “Me and others use it as a way to connect and hangout, we can be free and it’s a platform that encourages people to interact.”

Reader: “It is not the government’s job to be banning products like this.”

Reader: “Links to enemy countries is not in our best interest. Why empower the enemy by allowing them direct access to our personal information and the propagandize us so intimately.”

Reader: “I think that TikTok is an important platform for people to share ideas, communicate, organize, and congregate. A ban would be nothing short of a ban on Free Speech.”

Reader: “All social media is ad for kids, but the TikTok challenges are extremely dangerous and can even cause death.”

Reader: “National security. China is getting information on every aspect of our lives including our personal information.”

Reader: “Every company now takes your information, more than you know, and they use it however they please.”

Reader: “Social media is not the most important aspect of my life.”

Reader: “The children in my family spend an inordinate amount of time using TikTok. It is unhealthy to use any app to that extent, and I would like to see them focus more on hobbies and schoolwork.”

Reader: “My kids live on TikTok. Research shows it isn’t good for kids’ brain development.”

Reader: “If it were to be possible, I would ban all social media.”


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