Oregon City Together: Thanks for taking stand against youth substance use


In a momentous decision, the Oregon City Commission recently embarked on a groundbreaking journey by allocating opioid settlement funds for youth substance use prevention for the first time. This remarkable commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our younger generation is a testament to the commission’s dedication to the future of our community.

The Oregon City Together Coalition extends its deepest gratitude to the Oregon City mayor, Oregon City commissioners and Oregon City Budget Committee members for this visionary step toward combating the harrowing impact of substance use on our youth.

The Oregon City Commission’s allocation of resources is timely and necessary. Oregon voters legalized recreational marijuana for adults in 2014 and decriminalized user amounts of street drugs in 2020. This normalization of drugs has a negative effect on our community’s youth and young adults. In fact, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration data shows Oregon has the second-highest alcohol and drug addiction rates in the nation.

The Oregon City Commission’s decision acknowledges the urgency of the situation. It marks a significant turning point in our collective efforts to support the well-being of Oregon City youth.

By directing funds towards youth substance use prevention, the Oregon City Commission recognized the undeniable power of proactive measures. Prevention is key to breaking the cycle of addiction before it takes hold, and it empowers youth with the knowledge and resilience necessary to make informed healthy choices.

We commend the Oregon City Commission not only for their financial commitment but also for their willingness to collaborate with a community coalition expert in the field of prevention. Such partnerships are crucial to designing and implementing effective prevention strategies that address the unique challenges our youth face today. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of these stakeholders, the commission will ensure its investment will yield the maximum impact.

Through this funding, the city’s leaders demonstrated leadership and foresight. They have sent a powerful message to Oregon City youth and their families: you are not alone in your struggle against substance use.

As the only organization in Oregon City focusing solely on youth substance use prevention, the Oregon City Together Coalition again thanks the Oregon City Commission for its dedication to the future of our community. Together, we can create a brighter and safer tomorrow for Oregon City youth.


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