Oregon City mayor: Invest in community by supporting local newspaper


Oregon City has always had a local newspaper. The first paper was the Oregon Spectator founded in 1846, then the Democratic Statesman in 1851, the Oregon City Argus in 1885, the Oregon City Enterprise in 1866, the Oregon City Courier in 1902 and the Oregon City Enterprise Courier from 1962 to 1992 — and finally the Oregon City News.

I have subscribed to the local paper in Oregon City, as well as the Oregonian, since I moved to Oregon City. Local news is important to a community. A local newspaper is important as it has reliable reporting and informed articles to help keep people aware of what is going on in the community. Local news helps build a bond. People are aware of issues being covered in their community, but they also may know the person/journalist who is covering the stories. People tend to trust local media more than other forms of media.

A strong local newspaper will help strengthen Oregon City by providing reliable source of local information. Everyone may not agree with what they may read, but they will know it come from a local source. Local reporters look at a story, research the truth, focus on being accurate and will publish corrections when made aware.

So why am I advocating for a local news source? Because I believe that by supporting our local paper, we are investing in Oregon City. Essentially all news is local, and we rely on local news. Our business community also benefits by having a local paper. We need to invest in local news with our dollars through subscribing. Without financial support local newspapers will no longer exist.

When we support and invest in local news, we will ensure that Oregon City residents have access to a dependable, timely and community-based reporting. We need the community to support local news by subscribing to our local paper.


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