Freshman enjoys assisting seniors after school

(SCAPPOOSE) — After helping in the Scappoose High School cafeteria and participating in the school choir, you might think Joshua Normine would want to settle down and catch a YouTube video (or two) just to relax.

But no. In his off time, you’ll likely find Normine, a 16-year-old junior, helping a senior citizen with a daily chore.

At school, Normine has a keen interest in cooking and helps in the school cafeteria.

“Since freshman year, I’ve noticed that they’ve been understaffed back there,” he said. “I serve lunch … I take some of my personal lunch time to help them out. In the end, it really helps them.”

Normine also participates in the high school choir, leading the bass section.

“If we have any new music, or anything like that, I would help them with any notes they need,” Normine said. “At the end of the year, we have our choir elections, and I’m planning on running for choir president for next year.”

After school, Normine takes his cooking skills to Fultano’s Pizza, which is nearby.

“I’ve been getting the whole shebang over there, learning all the cool things for pizza making,” he said.

But it’s his after-school service to older citizens that is impressive for a youngster of his age.

“In Scappoose, we have a retirement home area,” he said, noting he has helped one particular woman whose grandchildren live far away.

“Whenever she needs help with decorations for any holiday, I’m over there,” Normine said, adding that he has helped her organize her shed and power wash her patio. “She knows a lot of people, and whenever they need help, I will try and help them, too.”

In addition to helping seniors lift heavy objects, during snow events, when older citizens can become vulnerable to icy streets and snow-clogged driveways, Normine is there to lend a helping hand.

Normine explained what juggling all his school activities is like while still having time to help neighbors.

“It’s a lot, I will say,” he said. “Sometimes it’s a little overbearing, but I’ve been doing this all my life, always helping out my mom. I’ve gotten used to it, personally. During school, I do as much work as I can, and if there are things after, I will try to do that in my free time. But I try to spread out my time as evenly as possible.”

Juggling his school activities with the many hours he has served seniors, Normine does carve out a little “me” time during the course of a year.

“When I have a chance to relax, I will try and play games with friends and catch up with them, or spend time with family,” he said. “That’s the main one that I’ve been trying to do more and more: make time for them.”

Even though Normine plans to become an electrician after high school, he will still serve neighbors in the community.

“Yes, I would still do as much as I could,” he said. “I feel like I could do more as an electrician because I will know all the electrical stuff, so if they would need any help at home, if they’re having any electrical problems, I can help them with that.”


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