Clackamas County Democratic Party headquarters vandalized for second time in month

Bidden Glass

Before the window could be repaired from vandalism less than a month prior, an unknown shooter overnight on Sept. 18-19 fired several rounds at the Clackamas County Democratic headquarters in downtown Oregon City.

“This time, the vandals shot up our windows and door, completely shattering the door. The weapon was apparently low-caliber, like a BB gun, and was probably fired from a car window,” said Party Chair Cris Waller.

Previously, someone threw a brick to break out the front window to Main Street’s county party headquarters overnight on Aug. 30-31. Waller said nothing has been stolen from the headquarters and that the Oregon City Police Department is taking the cases seriously.

Mayor Denyse McGriff said that she hopes neighbors will be looking out for each other to make sure that such incidents don’t happen again.

“It’s not acceptable, and it’s not the image that we want downtown Oregon City to be projecting,” McGriff said.

The case numbers with OCPD are 23-018226 and 23-19536, and in neither case was another business downtown targeted. Anyone with information about the vandalism is encouraged to call OCPD at 503-655-8211.


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