7-year-old names Oregon City’s new streetsweeper C-SweeP0

Jordan Fish

Oregon City officials gave kids a chance to name the city’s newest piece of heavy equipment, a new streetsweeper on order, and “C-SweeP0” was chosen in the contest.

Oregon City resident Kennedy Gibb, 7, played off of the gold-colored android from the Star Wars movies in suggesting the name.

“We had a lot of great suggestions from the kids, and each of the five finalists garnered substantial support on Facebook,” said Oregon City Communications Manager Jarrod Lyman. “In the end, it was Kennedy’s suggestion that came out ahead.”

Oregon City Public Works crews thought the naming contest would be a fun way for the community to get involved with the new machinery that they will soon see cleaning streets citywide.

Oregon City’s contest took inspiration from the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council, which held a contest in March of 2016 that gave birth to the famed polar research ship “Boaty McBoatface.” Sweepy McSweepface, Obi-Wan Cleanobi and Bruce Sweepclean have been some initial suggestions for Oregon City’s new streetsweeping equipment.

Other finalists included “Feeling Sweepy,” “Spiffy,” “Sweepinator” and “Sweepy Head,” which all received votes on the city’s Facebook page. The “Name The New Street Sweeper” contest was open to anyone under the age of 17.

Kennedy’s entry was announced as the winner during the annual Touch-A-Truck event on July 11, organized by the Oregon City Library, where kids got a chance to get up close and personal with all sorts of large pieces of equipment such as fire trucks, police cars, bulldozers and Oregon City Public Works’ TV truck to inspect pipes.

Oregon City’s new sweeper will have Kennedy’s “C-SweeP0” name submission printed on its side, along with her name. She will also have the opportunity to go on a ride in the sweeper when it arrives.

“We appreciate everyone who took part in either coming up with names or voting for their favorites. Oregon City once again showed its close sense of community by coming together for this fun contest,” Lyman said.

Oregon City Public Works said the new streetsweeper is replacing a much older vehicle that has been in the city’s fleet far beyond its expected lifespan. Delivery of the new streetsweeper is expected early this fall.


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